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How To Choose A Wedding Venue

Lauren Hare

One of the most important aspects of your wedding day will be the location. The world is full of amazing places to get married, so how do you decide if the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens is the best fit for your big day? Here are a few questions to go through with your spouse-to-be!


How many guests you would like to attend your ceremony? Whether you want a large wedding with extended family and all your friends or only your closest friends in attendance, you need to have an idea of how many people will be there for your big day. This not only will help with budgeting, but also will help the venue give you options with how your ceremony could be laid out.

Do you want an Indoor or Outdoor Ceremony?  Many times, couples have a dream that they will be married outside, but as we know, Mother Nature isn’t always cooperative. If you hope to have a beautiful outdoor wedding, make sure whatever venue you choose has an acceptable contingency plan for inclement weather.

Does it fit your vision?  Many people have ideas of first looks, specific photo opportunities, accommodations for guests, etc. If you have any specific idea that you want to make sure can be executed, make sure to bring this up with the venue. There may be limitations on some ideas, and you will want to know that early on.

Does the venue fit the needs of you and your guests? Location, location, location. If you plan to have your reception at another location, are the two venues close? Is there easy parking on premises? Does the location allow for shuttles or limos? These are all questions the venue will know and be prepared to answer!


How many guests would you like to attend your reception? Some venues can accommodate different numbers of guests in the ceremony as opposed to the reception. If you plan to have the ceremony and reception in the same location, make sure you cover guest count there too!

What type of food and drink would you like to offer?  When planning your dinner style, consider your guests. Will they be expecting a traditional sit-down meal or will they be comfortable roaming the Botanical Gardens dining on heavy hor d’oeuvres? Many venues have preferred vendors to choose from. This will ensure the event staff and caterers have a seamless experience for you.


Check out this video for more information about events being hosted at the Botanical Gardens


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