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A18. Cosmos bipinnatus ‘Double Click Bicolor Violet’

A18. Cosmos bipinnatus  ‘Double Click Bicolor Violet’
Annual - $4 each

A staple of the cottage garden with multi-colored blooms on strong, slender stems, Cosmos provide a cloud of color with their daisy-like flowers. This variety features 2-3” double and semi-double blooms ranging from eggplant purple to creamy white with a blush of lavender in a lovely combination.  Birds, bees, and butterflies will come to visit these charmers.  

Use Cosmos in containers or beds for their consistent color and feathery texture.  Easy to grow and not bothered by pests, Cosmos can handle drought and poor soil conditions.  Excellent cut flowers with stunning color. 

42-48” H, 18-24” W, 6 pack​​, sun, attracts butterflies, birds and bees


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