P6. Lavendula angustifolia SWEET ROMANCE ‘Kerlavangem’

P6. Lavendula angustifolia SWEET ROMANCE ‘Kerlavangem’

‘Sweet Romance’ brings it all:  beautiful foliage, flowers, and fragrance.   The unusual two-toned blooms feature dark violet and blue-violet in the flower heads.  You’ll love its feathery foliage of delicate silvery-grey.  ‘Sweet Romance’ starts blooming earlier than most English lavenders providing a spectacular display from early summer to early autumn.   It’s heat and drought tolerant and makes a delightful mass planting in the border or as a lavender hedge.

Will do best in a sunny location and well-drained soil.  ‘Sweet Romance’ is a shorter variety and makes a neat and tidy display of heavenly scented blooms.  Remove faded flowers to promote continued bloom.  Prune back to 8” in spring every three years to control plant size and encourage robust new growth.  Excellent fragrant cut flower. 

12-18”H, 12-18”W, full sun.  Attracts butterflies. Rabbit and deer resistant.


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