P7. Panicum virgatum PRAIRIE WINDS ‘Cheyenne Sky’

P7. Panicum virgatum PRAIRIE WINDS ‘Cheyenne Sky’

An attractive and compact grass, ‘Cheyenne Sky’ starts with blue-green leaves that turn deep wine-red in early summer. By late summer, it produces an eye-catching display of foot-long burgundy-red flower plumes. Makes an outstanding massed planting in perennial borders with its strong upright form.

‘Cheyenne Sky’ spreads slowly and retains its good form throughout the growing season and into winter.  Use it in sunny borders and in mixed containers for great texture and form.  Drought tolerant.  Trim back to the ground in early spring before new growth appears. Seed plumes may persist through the winter providing visual interest and food for birds.

2-3’H, 1.5-3’W, full sun. Attracts birds. Deer resistant.


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