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The Botanical Gardens
2655 South Park Avenue
Buffalo, New York 14218-1526
Phone: 716.827.1584
General information and to leave a message – 716.827.1584 ext. 212
General email for information – info@buffalogardens.com
Wedding and private event information
Madeline Cala, Director of Events 716.827.1584 ext. 220 - mcala@buffalogardens.com
Membership information
membership@buffalogardens.com or 716-827-1584 ext. 295 
Plant questions
Cornell Cooperative Extension of Erie County

Master Gardener Hotline - 716.652.5400 ext.137 - mgerie@cornell.edu 
Hot Line Hours
April 1 - September 30 - Monday - Friday from 9am-12pm 
October 1 - March 31 - Monday & Thursday from 9am-12pm
Plant Donations
At this time we are only able accept rare and unusual plants.  If you believe your plant fits that description, please send a photo of the plant, its common and/or Latin name along with any other pertinent information via email to - info@buffalogardens.com
Fish/Koi Donations
We are very careful regarding the health of our Koi family and do not accept donations of fish. The Niagara Frontier Koi Pond Club is a great resource to rehome fish.  Please contact them to help find your fish a new home.
Call 716.827.1584 and then the extension
David J. Swarts, President/CEO
extension 202 - dswarts@buffalogardens.com
Erin Grajek, COO
extension 204 - egrajek@buffalogardens.com
Julie DeCarolis, Senior Director of Operations
extension 200 - jdecarolis@buffalogardens.com
Kristy Schmitt, Director of Education
extension 291 - kschmitt@buffalogardens.com 
Jolene Baj, Education Coordinator
extension 292 - jbaj@buffalogardens.com
Amanda Oldham, Education Coordinator
extension 223 - aoldham@buffalogardens.com
Michael Fowler, Horticulturist
extension 201 - mfowler@buffalogardens.com
Andrea Masterson, Horticulturist
extension 205 - astiglmeier@buffalogardens.com
Jolene Delgado, Gardener
Meredith Unger, Assistant Gardener
Ed Fuchs, Database Coordinator
Marketing & Visitor Services
Erin Grajek, COO
extension 204 - egrajek@buffalogardens.com
Shaunna Rospierski, Marketing Coordinator
extension 219 - srospierski@buffalogardens.com 
Carolyn Hajek, Visitor Services Manager
extension 209 - chajek@buffalogardens.com
Janelle Rose, Visitor Services Assistant Manager
extension 212 - jrose@buffalogardens.com
Jenna, Visitor Services Associate
extension 212
Joyce, Visitor Services Associate
extension 212
Kylee, Visitor Services Associate
extension 212
Rhiana, Visitor Services Associate
extension 212
Weddings and Private Events
Madeline Cala, Director of Events
extension 220 - mcala@buffalogardens.com
Morgan Molfino, Event Coordinator
extension 220 - mmolfino@buffalogardens.com
Emily Lotocki, Assistant Event Coordinator
extension 220 - elotocki@buffalogardens.com
Myari Ware, Assistant Event Coordinator
extension 220 - mware@buffalogardens.com
Development & Membership
Brittany Finnegan-Zandi, Director of Development 
extension 203 - bzandi@buffalogardens.com
Evan Gallagher, Development Coordinator
extension 216 - egallagher@buffalogardens.com

Anna Wachtel, Membership and Development Associate
extension 295 - awachtel@buffalogardens.com

Membership Questionsmembership@buffalogardens.com 
Karen Hammer, Operations Assistant & Volunteer Manager
extension 207 - khammer@buffalogardens.com 
Todd Zintz, Director of Facilities
extension 214 - tzintz@buffalogardens.com
Mark Harzynski, Facilities Assistant

Board of Directors


Chairman - Michē C. Needham, CPA
Lumsden & McCormick, LLP

Vice Chairman - Wayne Robinson, Harvard Business School Buffalo

Secretary - Tisha M. Luciani, Catholic Health System

Assistant Secretary - Mary Ann Kresse

Treasurer - Brian Herrmann, EagleView


At Large Members

Thomas Boncore, KeyBank

Jim Charlier, JCharlier Communication Design

Paulette M. Crooke, Retired HSBC Executive

Bryan DeBroka, HSBC Bank USA, N.A.

Rose Ann Dulski

Thomas Gaffney, Esq. Lippes Mathias Wexler Friedman LLP

Maggie Hooper, Mower

Ted Johnson, Hadley Exhibits

Susan Maas

Kimberly R. Nason, Esq., Phillips Lytle LLP

Nicole Nuchereno

Sharon Osgood, Esq.

Cathy Paladino

Allison Sagraves, M&T Bank

Philip J. Snyder, Stieglitz Snyder Architecture

Erik Solomon, National Fuel Resources, Inc.

Stephen Spaulding, M.D.

Thomas Wrinn, United Way


Immediate Past Chair - Joseph DiDomenico Jr.,


Ex-Officio Directors

Mark Poloncarz, County Executive, Erie County 

Jason Hurley, Representative of the Erie County Executive

Robert F. Lowery, Representative of the Legislature Chairwoman April N.M. Baskin

Stephanie Crockatt, Olmsted Parks Conservancy

Troy Schinsel, Commissioner of the Erie County Parks


Director Emeritus

Florence DaLuiso-Zoll