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Giving Societies

Botanical Gardens Giving Societies

Members of the Palm Dome Society and the Begonia Giving Society form the core of support that breathes life into the Botanical Gardens every day.  Through their involvement and philanthropy, members are building the foundation for the Botanical Gardens future fiscal sustainability, ensuring that the Botanical Gardens is here for generations to come.
Enjoy an insider’s view of the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens by joining one of the Botanical Gardens Giving Societies. 

Your annual tax-deductible gift of $500 or more will make you a partner with other committed individuals who are working together to support the Botanical Gardens programs that have an impact on over 125,000 visitors each year.

We are pleased to recognize the philanthropic investment of our Giving Society members with unique opportunities and privileges such as complementary membership, intimate behind-the-scenes tours with Gardens’ leadership, private previews to our exhibits, an invitation to our annual donor appreciation reception, and more!

Society Benefits

The highest giving levels are named for the variety of palms found in the Palm Dome at the Botanical Gardens –our central
and most majestic greenhouse.

Begonia Giving Society
$500 - $999

Palm Dome Society

Chocolate Level

$1,000 - $2,499

Palm Dome Society

Bamboo Level

$2,500 - $4,999

Palm Dome Society

Royal Level

$5,000 - $9,999

Palm Dome Society

Majesty Level

$10,000 or more
Membership (level of your choice)

Invitation to the annual Donor  Reception

Name listed in the newsletter (optional)

10% discount in the Gift Shop
Discounts on classes, events and birthday parties

6 free one-time use guest passes to share with Family/Friends

Two free tickets to the award winning Lumagination Light Exhibit Launch Party

Personal docent-guided tour

Personal tour with a member of the Horticultural and/or Education Staff

Personal lunch and tour for two with the President/CEO

Opportunity to host a private event at the Botanical Gardens for up to 25 guests (catering not included)

For more information on becoming a member of this special group, please call the Development Department at (716) 827-1584 ext. 203 or email Brittany Zandi at


Palm Dome Society

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne D. Arcangel

Mr. Charles Balbach - (Red Top Foundation)

Ms. Shonda Brock

Dr. John L. Butsch

Ms. Diane J. Chrisman

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick B. Cohen

Mr. and Mrs. David Colligan

Ms. Paulette Crooke

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph DiDomenico, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. John B. Drenning *

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Dulski

Mr. Ronald L. Frank and Ms. Anne Schneider

Mrs. Maria Gerbracht

Ms. Erin Grajek

Mr. Peter J. Heffley

Ms. Mary Hughes

Mr. and Mrs. Ted Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. John* and Carol Kociela

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. and Mary Ann Kresse, Esq.

Ms. Ruth Mathews

Dr. Yvonne Minor Ragan

Mr. Robert Thill and Ms. Elizabeth Moll

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew and Miche Needham

Mrs. Ellen E. Neumaier

Ms. Sharon Osgood, Esq.

Mr. and Mrs. Carl and Cathy Paladino

Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Penfold

Ms. M. Virginia Procter

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Robinson

Mr. Samuel Savarino

Ms. Susan Seibel, Siebel Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. David J. Swarts

Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Urlaub

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Vogt

Ms. Lorraine A. Wilson


Begonia Giving Society

Ms. Sue Buyer

Mr. George Cameron

Mr. and Mrs. James and Patricia Connolly

Mr. Curtis M. Crandall

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph DelVecchio

Mr. Brian Herrmann

Mr. William D. Iverson

Mr. and Mrs. Fred F. Kurtz

Ms. Joanna Langerak

Ms. Donna Ludwig

Mr. and Mrs. Gary and Susan Maas

Mr. Joseph R. Murphy *

Mr. Edward C. Northwood

Ms. Nicole Nuchereno

Ms. Patricia O'Connor

Mr. and Mrs. Augustine Pingitore

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Priselac

John and Kristin Somers

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stevenson

Mrs. Janice Sufrin

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Tomasi

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Walsh






The Buffalo & Erie County Botanical Gardens Society, Inc. is supported in part by public funds from the County of Erie; City of Buffalo; New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation; and our members and friends.