Outreach Programs

Outreach Programs

Botanical Gardens in the Classroom 

The Botanical Gardens offers outreach programs to schools! Not able to get a bus for a field trip? Do you have smaller classrooms? Would you prefer to avoid field trip hassles? We are happy to come to your classroom to lead an activity with all materials and instruction provided! All programs are fully aligned with the New York State Science Standards and the Common Core State Standards. Programs can be adapted to all grade levels Pre-K-12. Programs last 45 minutes, or one classroom period. Student participation is limited to 35 students per classroom. Adults are required to stay in the classroom during the presentation. Additional sessions or classrooms can be added at additional cost.
- Tropical Terrariums - Learn about what plants need to grow and the water cycle while creating the perfect habitat for a tropical plant (or two!). This miniature ecosystem is fun to create and easy to care for.
- Succulent Garden - Don’t worry - no cacti are involved in this activity, instead we study succulents! Succulents are desert plants that store water in their leaves. We’ll create an open garden space in a tray with these thorn-less plants, while learning about plant adaptations.

Rates: $350.00 per classroom (limit 35 students) per 45 minute session. For each additional classroom on the same day, add $50.00. Travel fees may apply.

Hands-On Workshops for Kids
Perfect for libraries, scout troops, after-school programs, youth groups or 4-H meetings! Bring the excitement of gardening to kids. Our popular programs are a hit with the school age crowd! With each program, every participant brings home a plant from the Botanical Gardens! Programs are limited to 25 participants.
- Terrariums - Create your own miniature greenhouses with plants from the Botanical Gardens.
- Desert Dish Garden - Plant a fun desert garden. We’ll decorate our garden with colored sand and other accents. If you want to center around a theme we can certainly do so.
Rates: $150.00 base cost. Travel fees may apply

Grow Your Event
Having a Science Night, Environmental Faire or hosting a similar event? Let us come to you and provide some planting fun! With this program, we can accommodate smaller events, all the way up to large events with 300+ attendees. Includes:
- Mung bean greenhouse (works great with large groups!)
- Planting Activity (select one):
- Take a baby plant home to nurture (seasonal availability)
- Propagate a succulent

Rates: For up to two hours of programming our base rate is $250.00. Each additional hour, please add $50.00. Travel fees may apply

Reservations must be made at least three weeks in advance.
Please contact the Education Department for more information and to make reservations
716.827.1584 ext. 730 or education@buffalogardens.com

Offsite  Programs

Need a presenter for an event or meeting? A speaker from the Botanical Gardens may be just what you’re looking for! We offer entertaining and informative presentations with knowledgeable speakers on numerous gardening subjects. Our current lecture offerings include the following programs:
- Gardening for Butterflies
- Math in Nature and Gardens
- Dendrology Demystified- Terrific Trees
- History and Future of the Botanical Gardens
- The English Plantswomen
- Botanical Gardens in the Victorian Era
- Plant Propagation Techniques
- The Fantastic World of Mosses
- Florigraphy: The Secret Language of Flowers
- Indulge- Delectable Botanical Luxuries
- Terrariums
Rates: $100.00 base cost. Travel fees may apply

Adult Hands-On Programs
Perfect for community centers, garden clubs, senior centers and assisted living facilities. Want to get your group actively engaged? Our Hands-On Program offers just the opportunity! Let us come to you to lead a fun and interactive program your participants will be talking about for weeks! Programs include:
- Tropical Terrariums
- Succulent Garden
- Florigraphy: The Secret Language of Flowers
- Indulge- Delectable Botanical Luxuries
Rates: $200.00 base cost up to 25 people. For every additional 25 participants after, add $50.00. Travel fees may apply

Please contact the Education Department for more information and to make reservations. 
716.827.1584 ext. 730 or education@buffalogardens.com