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Horticulture Classes

Horticulture Classes
Horticulture Classes
Horticulture Classes
Horticulture Classes
Horticulture Classes

Horticulture Classes - ONLINE
11am-1pm, Saturdays
General Public - $25 per class or $125 per series
Members - $22.50 per class or $112.50 per series

Join us on Zoom for an entertaining garden education! Our horticulture classes are great for gardeners of all backgrounds and experience, those with lots of land or small spaces, or even those who just appreciate plants in general. Classes are suitable for students 16 and older. Get ideas, meet other plant-loving people and grow your horticultural knowledge on timely and relevant topics in a fun, approachable interactive class. Questions and discussion are encouraged!

In order to maintain the safest environment possible, classes will be offered via Zoom Meeting. Anyone, from anywhere can join these approachable and fun classes!  

Can't attend a class?  No problem! All adult classes and workshops are recorded and are available for one week after the class. Therefore, if you miss a class, you will have one week to catch up on the class at your convenience. Review our class information and procedures for more information.

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Horticulture V- February 20-March 27

Houseplant Care and Cultivation - February 20
Has your houseplant collection expanded this year? Are you struggling as a new “plant parent” or would you like to explore more about indoor plants… and maybe even learn how to grow even more plants? This is a class for you! We’ll explore how to keep your plant family happy and thriving, discover some of the different kinds of houseplants and be able to have your plant care questions answered.

Rain Gardens - February 27
Embrace the rainy days and provide for a thriving garden by capitalizing on some techniques to utilize rainwater in your garden space. Depressed about downspouts? Gutters got you gloomy? Not sure how to use a rain barrel, or where to get one? Discover many tips and tricks for properties and gardens of all sizes and work with nature and natural cycles.

All About Roses - March 6
This popular class delves into the details about rose care, which is actually a bit more approachable than it seems. Learn about many different varieties and discover the best way to feed, fertilize and protect these gorgeous plants. Even if you do not have space to grow roses yourself, this is still a lovely and visual appealing class. You’ll learn about cut roses too. This class is a great gift idea, as an alternative to a bouquet of red roses.
Hostas and Hydrangeas - March 13
Two informative classes in one session! David has gotten many specific questions over the years on these plants in particular as they both are so popular with gardeners everywhere, and thus this class was developed. We’ll learn more about hostas and the wide variety of beautiful plants that are out there. How to prevent hostas as meals for deer is also discussed along with care needs and tips. With hydrangeas, we’ll focus on a few different kinds and their specific care needs. Always wanted to change a blue one to pink, or wondered why a white cannot change color? All that will be answered and more!
Vegetables and Organic Gardening - March 27
Growing your own food is one of the most rewarding ways that you can garden, and a good hobby to develop and dare we say…cultivate. This class is very informative, especially if you are just starting out with growing a vegetable garden. Those who do already have established gardens shouldn’t overlook this class, however, as we’ll also explore some different techniques and ways that yields can be increased. Garden maintenance, care and pest solutions are also discussed. Bring your questions!


Horticulture VI - April 10-May 29

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Great Grasses and Lawn Care - April 10
This class is a twofold class. Students will learn how to take care of lawns and best practices on lawn care and establishment including fertilizing and pest management and disease. Different kinds of lawns and lawn alternatives will be discussed. We'll also be learning about types of lawn grasses, and ornamental grasses too. Things that are highlighted include which kinds are best for certain areas, and how to work them into garden design in sometimes unexpected ways.

Color Theory and Texture in Gardens - April 24
This class is a good foundational class when it comes to garden design and combines both art and horticulture principles. We talk about color and how it is used, the color wheel, contrasting vs complimentary colors and then how to apply all this to a garden plan. There are tricks to using color and texture to make small gardens look larger, or to invoke a certain "feel" for the space. We'll of course have lots of gardens to look at!

Edible Plants and Composting - May 15
One of our most popular classes with lots of great information! We discuss herbs and other edible plants, ideas for garden spaces to cultivate them and even ways to use them! Paired with composting, this class is great for a beginner or for someone who may need some help “troubleshooting” their compost. Discover different kinds of composting, what works good for “greens” and “browns” and how to create a good balance to yield that amazing black gardening gold.
Tough Plants for Tough Sites - May 22
A solutions-based class that is popular for those that may have some issues or struggles with their garden space. We’ll discuss how to address some common problems such as drainage, pests, deer and rabbits, or soil ph/make-up and suggest plant alternatives and remediation. The right plant for the right place!
World Tour of Garden Design - May 29
Itching to travel and see the world? A bit of unfulfilled wanderlust? While we currently can’t travel abroad, take an online adventure with David Clark as your guide to explore selected gardens of France, Great Britain, the Netherlands and Asia all from the safety and comfort of your home.

 Class Information and Procedures 

"David is an amazing instructor and his courses are filled with useful information and instruction on how to practically apply it. His courses have helped me to fill in the gaps that can’t be learned through online research and enabled me to really step up my gardening game! I look forward to continuing the horticulture series with him.” – Amanda E.

Meet your instructor, David Clark! 

David Clark has created and taught the wildly popular 7-level Horticulture Classes at The Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens for 10 years. He is a Certified Nursery and Landscape Professional (CNLP), through the New York State Landscaping Association, and PLANT Western New York. An avid gardener, David has a degree in Floriculture from S.U.N.Y Cobleskill with over 30 years’ experience in the professional ornamental horticulture industry.

A nationally recognized garden speaker, David has given presentations locally for Lockwood's Greenhouses in Hamburg, NY; Urban Roots Community Garden Center, Grass Roots Gardens and Massachusetts Avenue Project in Buffalo, NY; Cornell Cooperative Master Gardeners of Erie, Allegany & Cattaraugus Counties; The New York State Federated 8th District Garden Clubs; and the Erie County Pennsylvania Western Division Garden Clubs Judges Council. Along with being a visiting horticulture instructor at Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh, PA, he has spoken at events across the United States and Canada including Bradford Pennsylvania’s ‘Betty Jane Monjar Landscape and Garden Symposium, the West Coast’s largest Spring Garden Show in Costa Mesa, California, and the Northeast Floral Expo in Groton, Connecticut. David Clark is featured in Television segments, YouTube videos, the National Garden Festival and Buffalo Garden Walk websites, the Buffalo News, The Upstate Gardeners Journal, and the Buffalo, NY “Spree Magazine”. He is a regular contributor to the Buffalo-NiagaraGardening.com online magazine and the #GardenChatter online gardening site. David has been interviewed for gardening podcasts originating in Toronto, Canada, Portland, Oregon, and New York City.

David specializes in orchids and carnivorous plants. He is always learning new techniques; and loves to teach people things he is really good at!

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